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Vision and Mission

View of Y on the mountain through fall foliage

The School of Technology at BYU aspires to become a premier learning community in which leadership and application capabilities are developed for those who use, create, and manage technology, its systems and its enterprises. Through the interdependence of teaching, learning, scholarship, creative activity, and citizenship, the faculty and staff of the School are creating an academic environment grounded in creative problem solving, intellectual discovery, technological application, and leadership development. The vision of the School of Technology is supported by the following core values:

  • Respect for one another
  • Cooperation
  • Intellectual and spiritual growth
  • Creative imaginings
  • Satisfaction in a job well done

The mission of the School of Technology is to educate talented men and women who aspire to become leaders in industry, education, and society through programs that focus on technology application and management. Leaders developed through the programs in the School will demonstrate integrity and high moral standards in all aspects of life.

In developing leaders, the School will:

  • Provide educational experiences that develop creative problem solving and analytical thinking capabilities
  • Maintain cutting-edge laboratories and facilities that link the academic and professional worlds
  • Establish symbiotic corporate alliances designed to enhance the educational programs and strengthen the corporate allies
  • Model high ethical standards

In summary, the School of Technology has many strengths that enhance its ability to offer quality, rigorous academic programs that are designed to prepare professionals for leadership roles in their industry. These programs are delivered by a qualified, competent faculty and staff. The faculty and staff members of the School are also involved in research and development activities that add to the body of technological knowledge and that strengthen technologically-based enterprises.

Thanks for visiting our web site. Please contact us if you would like further information about the School and its programs.