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Student Employment Application Form

If you are a student being hired for employment within the School of Technology or within the Manufacturing Engineering program, you need to fill out this form.

New Employee Application Instructions:

Before you can begin working, you must complete all the departmental and employment office hiring paperwork as well as the online safety training. Employees are not allowed to work (including training meetings or overview meetings) until you can clock in and out and your supervisor has received an email confirming that the hiring process is complete and you are authorized to begin working.

• You cannot begin work, including participate in training or planning meetings, unless you can clock in and out using the Y-Time system.• Once your application has been received and your hire request submitted, if you have not worked on campus prior to this job, you will need to fill out an I-9 form, set up Direct Deposit, and verify your SSN at Student Employment (2024 WSC).

• Once your hire is approved, you will need to complete the required online safety and FERPA training before you may begin working. You will receive access and instructions for the training as part of the hiring process.

Please fill out all the fields below:

What year in school are you?

Are you enrolled in the appropriate level of credits for your citizenship/student status?

Undergraduate U.S. citizen or permanent resident taking at least 6 credits in F, W or 3 credits Sp/Su

Graduate U.S. citizen or permanent resident taking at least 2 credits in F, W, or Sp/Su

Undergraduate international student taking at least 12 credits in F, W, or Sp/Su

Graduate international student taking at least 9 credits in F, W, or Sp/Su

Senior (regardless of citizenship) in final semester and will require a credit hour exception

Are you currently employed by another Church affiliate?

Have you had another campus job in the past year?

*If yes, are you planning on working that job and this one concurrently?

Have you ever worked for a department or school in the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering before?

Are you related to any employees within the School of Technology?

Do you know if you will need swipe card access to a room?

For TAs and Lab Supervisors: will you need double swipe access?