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A Compact Disc

Learn more about software you can use on your own computer while a student in the School of Technology

The University has made many software packages available to you for use remotely via their Citrix servers, including Office products, Autodesk products, and Adobe software. This can be accessed at

Free Autodesk Software

Info on free Autodesk software for students

Students are eligible for free software from Autodesk. Click on the link above to get more information or sign up for the Autodesk Education Community and download the available software.

Free MS Office 365

Get free Office 365

Instructions from OIT on obtaining Office 365

Login to (Click on Get free Office 365 link above) Read the login instructions carefully. Remember to put behind your normal netid for login here.

More Free Microsoft Software

College MSDNAA subscription site

The College of Engineering has subscribed to the Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance program. This makes available to you many Microsoft software products for free (NOT MS Office). Remember the license associated with these products through this program come with specific terms and eligibility requirements.

To see what is available or to obtain the software, log into the College MSDNAA site at (see link above), then on the page presented choose the Microsoft Azure option and log in with your BYU Netid.

VMWare Academic Program

College VMWare Academic Program Subscription

The College of Engineering has subscribed to the VMWare Academic Program. This makes available to you some of the VMWare products for free. Please be aware that the product licenses through the program are for learning purposes and not for production, even production supporting academic units. The university has a different license for production.

To see what is available or to obtain the software, go to the College VMWare subscription site ( -- Link above), and login with your CAEDM user id and password.

Free SolidWorks

To receive a free copy of Solidworks that can be run on your personal computer, go to and login with your BYU netid. Once the site confirms you are a registered student you will be give instructions on obtaining SolidWorks.